Wednesday, April 08, 2015

What’s new in User Profile Wizard 3.9 - Migrating from domain to local accounts.

Here at ForensiT we have been helping customers migrate their computers to new Windows domains for more than ten years (ten years!) In the early days many customers were migrating from Novell NDS to Active Directory, nowadays it is usually from one Windows domain to another, or perhaps from a workgroup to domain. However, in the last eighteen months or so, we have had more and more enquiries about migrating from a domain back to a workgroup.

The reason, of course, is Office 365. As Office 365 and other cloud based services increase in popularity, more people are finding they no longer need to run their own domain, and want to migrate their computers back to a workgroup. This isn’t just happening for companies with just a few employees, either. We had an email recently from a someone looking to take more than 150 workstations off their domain.

You have always been able to migrate domain account profiles to local accounts using User Profile Wizard, but it is fair to say that this has not been a core feature of its functionality; User Profile Wizard has not, up to now, been able to unjoin a computer from a domain, for example. That changes with version 3.9.

With version 3.9 you can automatically migrate a workstation from a domain to a workgroup, migrating the user profiles from domain to local user accounts at the same time. If you have the Corporate or Professional Edition you can specify the new workgroup name. If you have the Corporate Edition you can automate the migration of all the user profiles on a machine, just like you can from one domain to another: for example, by using a lookup file to map the user account names. For more information please see the updated User Guide.

There is one other change that we hope you may not even notice. The order of the pages when using the GUI has changed: you now select the user profile first, and then enter the user account to which the profile will be assigned. This small alteration opens up a whole new path of development for us, which you should see quite soon with the release of User Profile Wizard 3.10.