Tuesday, October 21, 2008

User Profile Wizard 3.0 RC1

We're nearly there... The User Profile Wizard 3.0 "Release Candidate" is now available for download here. We regard RC1 as extremely stable, and we do not foresee any major changes to the code between now and when the product is fully released. There have, for example, been no changes to the core profile migration code since BETA 2.

So what's changed? We have been doing a lot of testing in what might be called "sub prime" environments ;-) Not that we would ever suggest our customers would have such things! So, slow machines on slow connections; client machines that are under load - particularly on boot up. When we were only concerned with "pull" migrations this was not a problem: the client workstation could run the migration at its own pace. Doing a "push" migration, however, involves the "console"machine having to wait for the target workstation to respond to its requests. We've beefed up the code in RC1 to make this communication process more robust.

There have also been some minor enhancements to the functionality User Profile Wizard 3.0 provides. One of the things we get asked about a lot is removing user's Administrator rights when their workstations are migrated to a new domain. This is now really easy: you just need to set the new “RemoveAdmins” attribute in the profwiz.config file to "True".

The other new attribute in the profwiz.config file is "Exclude". This is just a comma-seperated list of user accounts that you don't want to be migrated to the new domain. By default the profwiz.config file lists


but you can list any accounts that you want.

Last but definitely not least, the "Deployment Kit" has been completely rewritten for version 3.0. You can now use the Deployment Kit to create or edit a profwiz.config file, meaning you don't have to edit the profwiz.config by hand. What's more the migration scripts that the Deployment Kit now generates are much cleaner because the majority of settings are held in the config file.

So what's left to do? Mainly it's documentation. We still don't have a User Guide for version 3.0. Once that is completed we should be ready for the final release.