Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Vista Annoyances

I came across this article somewhat optimistically entitled "Vista Annoyances Resolved" It's worth reading because the author, Koroush Ghazi, does try to address some of the - er - quirks of the Vista experience.

The first "annoyance" he tackles is that of constantly changing folder views. This really struck a chord with me: why is it that when I open a folder full of c++ source and header files, Vista has suddenly decided to list them as music - complete with "Artist", "Genre" and "Rating" columns?

Ghazi goes on to discuss eight more annoyances, including User Account Control (for which I don't think there is a resolution), Bad Driver Support (which I don't think is the issue some would have us believe), and constant hard drive activity. The last is quite interesting. Ghazi highlights SuperFetch - the Vista "feature" that loads as much of your RAM as possible with stuff that you might need, so that it doesn't need to be fetched from your hard drive when you do need it. SuperFetch kicks in shortly after Vista boots, which unfortunately is also when you are trying to start Outlook, or whatever, and do some work. My solution to this is a simple one: never turn off your laptop. My Dell D630 now only ever sleeps.

There are problems Ghazi doesn't mention, however. As Paul Thurrott writes, "How about the weird folder/file deletion bugs where you somehow can't get the proper privileges to delete something even though you've navigated through all the required UAC prompts?" This is something I came across early on, and which has never been fixed. Still, at least people are classifying these issues now - the rest is up to Microsoft.


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